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Lip blush tattooing

Explore our range of signature lip tattooing techniques.


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Signature Lips

Before and After Lip Blush Tattoo. Before image: "Original lips lacking color intensity and definition." After image: "Transformed with lip blush tattoo for a natural, enhanced hue."

Lip Blush

$800 $599
This treatment adds colour, definition, and a subtle tint to your lips. Achieve a natural look that enhances the volume of your lips.

+ $150 at your 4-6 week touch-up

Before & After lip neutralisation Before image: "Uneven and discolored natural lip pigmentation." After image: "Achieved a balanced and neutralised lip color through a cosmetic procedure for a more uniform and natural look."


$800 $599
A specialised cosmetic tattooing treatment that addresses lip hyperpigmentation and balances the color of your lips.

+ $150 at your 6-8 week touch-up

Lips that go Viral

Us VS "cheaper" options

Consider this – a cosmetic tattoo, especially on the face, is a significant decision with lasting implications. We regularly encounter corrective procedures for poorly executed tattoos. Would you entrust your appearance to a service that doesn’t stand behind their work, relies on outdated methods like microblading, and uses inferior products?

Here’s how we stack up against those “cheaper” options.




Retention Guarantee
Machine-only tattoos
No nasty microblading
Continuous training
Highest quality pigments
Highest quality needles
Certified & experienced

Our 3-step process


During the initial 15 minutes, we discuss your desired lip look and provide expert guidance to help you make an informed decision.


Visualise the final result with a pre-draw, ensuring you are happy with the shape, colour, and style of your lip tattoo before proceeding.

Painless Tattoo

Experience a painless process as our skilled technicians apply a numbing cream, ensuring your comfort throughout your lip tattoo.

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Our clients are constantly raving about their experiences with us and the beautiful results they’ve achieved. That’s why we have a flawless 5/5 reputation on Google, Facebook and Trustpilot! 

Blown away!

“I was absolutely blown away by my results after having my lips tattooed by Bek! My lips are naturally quite dark and an uneven tone so they were something I was always self conscious of. I am in love with the colour and feel so much more confident now.”

SERVICE: Lip Neutralisation


“I recently got a lip tattoo done by Bek and couldn’t be happier with the results! I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a high-quality, long-lasting tattoo and anyone looking to boost their confidence and feel amazing!”

SERVICE: Lip Blush


“Bek has absolutely nailed my lip tattoo! I had a full lip blush done and am still amazed at how much of a difference this makes! I cannot recommend her enough, she is incredible at what she does & has truly help change a big insecurity for me.”

SERVICE: Lip Blush

Frequently Asked

How do I know what lip colour to choose?
I recommend saving photos you like best to bring to your appointment, this will give us an idea of the look you’re trying to achieve. Our experienced artists will guide you in selecting the perfect color for your Lip Blush. We take into consideration your skin tone, natural lip color, and personal preferences to ensure the best result.
We understand that comfort is essential. our technician uses gentle techniques and offer topical anesthetics to minimise any potential discomfort or sensitivity during the procedure.

After getting your lip tattoo, it’s important to follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure the best results and minimise the risk of complications.

View our full aftercare guide here.

The duration of the procedure can vary depending on individual factors, but generally, it takes around 2-2.5 hours. We take the time to ensure precision and achieve the best results for your lips.
A touchup is a follow-up session conducted after your initial lip tattooing procedure. It allows the artist to refine and perfect the color and shape of your lips.

Ready to book in the lip blush of your dreams?